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  Fun, Affordable Group Piano Instruction    

Keys for Kids

Wish you could introduce your child to the piano but worry that it's too much of a commitment? What if it didn't have to be? The innovative Keys for Kids® program for ages 3 and up teaches piano in a fun, engaging, and supportive group setting.

The concept is simple: Students enjoy sharing music with their friends and are motivated by the group experience. They learn piano keyboard skills, note reading, rhythm, and improvisation in a classroom equipped with an electronic keyboard for each child. Parents participate, too, learning whatever the kids do. 


Courses are designed to develop musical skills at both the individual and group levels using a carefully planned sequence that guarantees fun and success. Activities cover many aspects of musicianship while accommodating children's attention spans, establishing a solid musical foundation that can be applied to any future instrument. (Click here for more information on the Keys for Kids® curriculum.)

Classes are available in three age groups: Mini Keys for 3.5-5 year-olds, Kinder Keys for 5-7 year olds, and Super Keys for ages 7 and up.

Keys for Kids® can help you achieve your goals, whether your child wants to pursue a musical dream or play piano for the simple joy of it!

  Mini Keys (3.5-5 year old beginners)    

Emphasis on ear training, rhythm, keyboard technique, solfegio singing, and music-notation reading in an enjoyable and stimulating environment. Parent participation required. (45 minutes weekly)

  Kinder Keys (5-7 year old beginners)    

This comprehensive course is a wonderful way to begin the study of music. Every lesson incorporates a joyful combination of keyboard playing, music reading, and ensemble and rhythm activities. Parent participation required. (45 minutes weekly)

  Super Keys (7 years and up)    

This confidence-building course introduces an exciting combination of ear training, rhythm, keyboard technique, music reading, and ensemble and rhythm activities. The course also takes advantage of older beginners' ability to analyze (melodies, harmonies, rhythm), sight-read, play by ear, and compose. Parent participation encouraged. (45 minutes weekly)

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